The Wembley Cup is the most successful YouTube series to have ever been made in the UK. Currently in its 4th year of production, Hoi Polloi have been part of the core development and delivery team for this industry-evolving project from the very start.

The Final, taking place at Wembley Stadium, has varied in its evolution series to series. The core of the program is a full 90 minute football match between two teams of YouTubers, boosted with real Football Legends. The game is officiated by the English FA and sponsored by EE.

In 2015 the final, between Spencer FC’s team and The Sidemen, was shot behind closed doors. The extended edit of this event received over 3 million organic views in the first weekend, and over 6million views after the first two weeks.

In 2016 EE decided to open the doors of Wembley to the public. And we went Live on YouTube, steaming Live on Spencer FC’s channel. With a Friday 7:30pmkick-off, we had 18,000 people attend the match, and over 270,000 people watching online. We transmitted our live-edited program for over 2.5 hours as the host broadcaster. The subsequent catch-up edit of the final program, including additional behind-the-scenes at Wembley footage, received over 8 million organic views. The show was awarded the Most Successful online commercial for September 2016.

In 2017 we had an afternoon kick-off, rather than an evening one. The Stadium audience leapt to almost 35,000 people, just shy of an average Premiership attendance. The online audience for daytime was still over 140,000. Again we Live Streamed direct from Wembley Stadium onto YouTube for over 2.5 hours.

In 2018 we are already in preparation for the next one, scheduled for Sunday 25th November. We hope you can join us!