VOXI - Mentoring / new talent

Some projects seem just seem perfectly designed for Hoi Polloi. Mentoring young talent for VOXI was one of these. The production team at HP have a lot of experience working with breakthrough talent, so working with and developing Voxi’s roster of young creators felt right up our street.

We mentored 12 film makers over a complex 8-week process. Our task was to produce 24 TV Idents for MTV UK. These first-time directors were all aged between 17 and 24 and were spread up and down the UK. None of them had worked with an advertising agency before, and most had never delivered a professional project.

There are so many things we take for granted when running projects. How insurance works, writing creative briefs and treatments, health and safety. What a location recce means, and how to write your own invoices. We worked with each of the Creators and tried to support them through any parts of the process they didn’t get. Each creative process was different, and each young creator needed bespoke support. From animators understanding the need to create storyboards and WIPs, to casting and location hunting for live action shoots.

Each filmmaker could draw from a very small financial pot. This meant we needed to use our limited resources wisely, blending their own support and mates with experienced technicians who we knew would still be supportive collaborators.

Although it wasn't without its moments of jeopardy, we absolutely loved working on this project. It took us from glitter-filled studios in London to freezing-cold estates in Blackburn, and pretty much everywhere else in-between. 10 shoot days in a two-week period, 12 separate PPMs, 2 fully animated projects, hundreds of miles travelled, and genuinely credible creative work to show for it. Perfect!

When Hoi Polloi was set up in 2014, it was with the express intention of mentoring directors and helping people break into the industry who might have once struggled to do so. No job has brought this to life more than these Voxi Idents. We’ve shared a few of our favourites above.