Mentoring new talent - VOXI

Its part of our core DNA at Hoi Polloi not just to represent new talent but mentor break-through directors into this sometimes complex industry.

For Vodafone VOXI we mentored 12 film makers across an intense 8-week process to produce 24 TV Idents for MTV UK.

The first-time directors were all aged between 17 and 24 and were spread across the UK. None had worked with a brand or advertising agency before.

We worked with each of the Creators to support them through the process. Each was different; from animators understanding the need to create storyboards and WIPs, to casting and location hunting for live action shoots.

18 different shoots in a four-week period, 12 separate PPMs, 2 fully animated projects, hundreds of miles travelled, and genuinely credible creative work to show for it.