Hello and Welcome. We're 5 years old - or is it 6 now?

We're a multi award-winning prod co. We've won a British Arrow in 2019, we just got Campaign's Pick of the Week [Sept 2-7 2019] for our work. We've previously won YouTube Effectiveness Awards, Google best Ads amongst others.

We sometimes work for causes we feel strongly about. The environment, the oceans, people with disabilities in the workplace. That kind of thing. We also work with brands to make beautiful, fun, cinematic stuff.

Sometimes our stuff is as fluffy as a football show. But it will be the best and biggest YouTube show the UK has ever made. It'll be viewed 30 million times and watched by 400 thousand people live-streaming the Final [yep, really - we did that].

Sometimes it's about winning an award. Winning an awards can open doors. We all need that? But most often it's all about the shared endeavour to communicate a story, change a mind, and get the brand noticed. 

We also do something a bit old fashioned. We mentor breakthrough talent, we support it and cherish it. We believe this way it will grow and one day making something just perfect. But we believe surprises only come from hard work and smart learning. We try to help with that. 

If you'd like to know more, then welcome to the Hoi Polloi. Lets see what we can make together.