Hoi Polloi is an award-winning and untraditional production  company.

Let us know if you want a traditional one-stop production house, if you’d like to loan-out a director, or if you need strategic  support to supplement your in-house production team. We can help.

We work with brands and agencies to access exceptional storytellers and solve production puzzles. We collaborate without traditional barriers and can provide award-winning creative craft, production expertise, and a huge range of film-making experience.

Our teams are compact, efficient, and want each project to be the best yet. Our margins are narrow so the money goes on-screen. We’ve helped deliver over 100 different projects across TV, Social Content, Live Streaming, Digital Posters, and Web Series in the last 5 years. We’d like to support you to make the next one.

Welcome to the Hoi Polloi.