Ogilvy / Bulmers Pioneers - LIVE CONTENT / DIGITAL SCREENS

Here at Hoi Polloi, we're not unaccustomed to a few ciders every now and then. So this seemed a lovely project to work on. And we’ve been part of the developing journey for Live Streaming from traditional Outside Broadcast to wireless 4G Bonded solutions and now even 5G. So this was a great opportunity for us to flex some trained Live muscles, while maybe enjoying a cider after a long day and night’s work.

Bulmers represented a hybrid project, part live and part pre-recorded. A core idea that was so simple and yet as sometimes happens, took a large technical team within Ogilvy and with our support to fully realise.

The puzzle; can we film a live stream from two orchards in Herefordshire for 12 hours a day, over 5 days. These streams would be fed live to screens around the UK at railway stations, bus shelters and shopping centres. Adding graphics and pack shots, keeping it all in real time, weather and all.

The biggest issue? Not the technology, although stitching together different systems across the UK presented quite a challenge. But Mother Nature and modern farming. When it gets dark it an Orchard, it gets really, really dark. And farms aren’t quite as picturesque as Poldark might suggest.

Sim Warren directed both the live work and the social media edits we posted throughout as mini stories. One of Sim’s regular DOPs (and wildlife expert) Max Smith helped us take the shoot in our stride. They filmed hares at dawn, horses in the orchards, and even a microlight coming in to land.

We chased the best blossom and learned about every apple variety. And even managed to squeeze in a few ciders with the farmers.