Itdrewitself share an Art Photography background. In fact Jake and Pro met as two assistants of the same Photo Artist, taking crafted stills of dogs in unusual situations.

Their film collaboration began in 2014 when they worked with Harley Davidson to develop and then co-direct a new Global Branded Content Campaign “Discover More”. Despite being on the road for over 4 months, making a film every 2 weeks, and nearly losing their minds in the process, the boys still managed to come through it and have been working together ever since.

Since this first marathon job and journey of over 15,000 miles, they have travelled to Leeds, Jake’s home town, for Greenpeace. And perhaps more adventurously to the US, Brazil, and Paris for Hellmann's. They have also directed and shot a Branded Series for All4 / Channel 4, worked with Nike, and made a short film with the youth of London’s Bike-Life scene for Huck Magazine.

They are natural globe trotters, already filming in 2018 in Japan, LA, Berlin, and London for MixCloud. Jake’s instinct for story-telling and his gentle ability to bring out natural, heart-warming, and often funny performances is supported by Pro’s obsessive attention to detail, technical expertise, and ability to craft a cinematic look-and-feel on camera.