Dan has recently been shooting a mix of work. One minute he is casting comedy actors for Google. The next he is interviewing Jamie Redknapp. Right now Dan is editing a lovely project involving the blind staff of a Social Enterprise. Shot in a metal roofed factory during the recent heat wave. 

Sometimes  his work mixes comedy with social documentary. Dan recently directed two campaigns for the Guardian online; the first visualising three comedians’ worst break-up stories, the second exploring masculinity in the UK today. 

Dan can often be found scripting his next short film. In the Summer of 2017 Dan directed "To Wendy Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You”, supported by Film London. It premiered at the London Film Festival and screened at over 15 festivals around the world. Dan has been shortlisted for the Virgin Media Awards twice, and won Jury commendation for his short film "Pitta Patter".

In 2016, Dan won first prize at the Straight 8 Industry shoot-out at Cannes with his short film "Jamella". Dan is bi-lingual in Spanish and lives in London with his wife, a make-up artist working on features, and their young son. When not film-making or busy at home, Dan is most likely trying to get a football ticket to watch his beloved Barcelona...