Chris has spent part of his lockdown re-editing his most recent films. Most notably Puma, which he shot just before the start of all of this. This gave him a chance to work on some of the imagery that otherwise he felt might have got rushed.

Puma was shot on an Steadicam with an Arri and a 16mm Bolex. The job was a tie up between Puma and FLY LDN. 

Chris started film-making at a young age. In 2011 he was invited onto the prestigious BFI National Film Academy scheme. They subsequently named him as one of the nation's most promising filmmakers.

In 2014 Chris was long-listed for a BAFTA for his short film "Sleeping Dogs". His latest film, The Choke, has been produced in association with a number of leading mental health charities.

Chris recently helmed a new music video for Tyrer and it received high praise from PromoNews for his intelligent direction when tackling a complex subject.