Chris never stops making films. He just spent 3 months working with McCanns on the latest Xbox campaign. They had to figure out how best to film vulnerable elderly people remotely while also supporting them dive into a whole new world - online gaming.

Before that, Chris’s spec short was chosen by Pride In London and became one of Shots Magazine’s Best Work for September 2020.

In Lockdown 1, Chris released his new piece for Puma with the London Gym Company. Shot on two cameras, one digital and one film, strapped together to a Steadicam.

And in between Lockdowns, Chris kept his momentum up by shooting a short documentary about Tabitha, a remarkable young woman who took up competitive tennis after becoming wheelchair bound for Coloplast.

Chris started film-making at a young age and has just never stopped. In 2011 he was invited onto the prestigious BFI National Film Academy scheme. They subsequently named him as one of the nation's most promising filmmakers.