After a hectic Summer and early Autumn we thought we’d take it easy. You know, a nice small job to take us up to Christmas? Ha ha ha. No not really, not funny at all. Can we work with 12 Young Creators who have never done a commercial job before? Can we mentor them and help produce 24 x MTV idents? Can we pick up a process thats already underway, and finish it all in 5 weeks? 18 shoot days later and our two line producers Sorcha Bacon and Archie Stewart were still standing but only just. They’d made films from Blackburn to Margate, and nearly got lynched along the way by some scary dudes who liked their camera in Manchester. The lovely Lou Mumford kept us all together and sane, producing this one at Ogilvy. And the awesome Dani Matthews herded the creative cats to get some amazingly lovely films finished up. We all nearly blew a fuse but are so choked with the results. Hats off to you Young Creators of VOXI