One of the directors we work with, Jonas McQuiggan, submitted this top spot to ITV's The People’s Adbreak. (ITV invited viewers to become the stars of the ad break during Britain’s Got Talent, which saw familiar ad campaigns recreated by the public). The recreation of the iconic Aldi’s spot by Jonas, sadly wasn’t on during BGT....we suspect his melons were a little err, after the watershed...but we love his melons (and nuts) a lot. A huge round of applause goes to his Australian wife. Jonas adds, "Casting was obvious: My wife and her 8% Spanish DNA was thrust in front of the camera and made to harness her inner Gloria Pritchett of Modern Family. Why? Because who wants to hear another Australian accent on British TV [thanks Trivago]. In the cloak of semi-darkness and after a little person's bedtime, we shot in my kitchen, I owe a big thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, but I owe an even bigger thanks to my family for putting up with my madness of trying to shoot an advert in our house. I'm still buzzing from the whole experience and eagerly checking my email for my next 'could be fun’ subject line.” ⁣

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