The Edgeland is Sim Warren’s latest film made for Soul & Surf Portugal - a new location for this group of yoga, massage and surf retreats which opens in April 2019. Sim put all his energy and heart into this beautiful film, shot late last year, which became a personal project as well as a promotional piece of filmmaking.

It was important to Ed at Soul and Surf that the incredible location was the focus of the film and that it didn’t rely on any ambassadors or influencers as a selling point. In The Edgeland, nature is absolutely the main protagonist – the true hero of the film.

There was no script. Instead Sim called on surfer and poet Dan Crockett to write a poem which specifically evoked Soul and Surf’s core values. The visuals were then shot to closely follow Dan Crockett’s poem starting with the theme of Risk, through to Soul, Balance, and finally Now, where the focus is all about capturing the moment.

All the cinematography was captured by Sim, backed by 2nd camera / Assistant Tom Sharman, Sound design by James Locke-Hart and Voice Over by Katie Rae.