Once in a while, making a film becomes an unexpected joy. And what it looks like in the end becomes [almost] secondary. Sometimes that’s travelling the world. But this adventure was all about the people and warmth of our welcome. We’d set out to make a small documentary about a small company working out of a small warehouse with little or no heating. We were filming in Liverpool in the wettest and the windiest week leading up to Christmas. Expectations were not sky high. Yes the crew stayed in the lovely Hope Street Hotel. And yes, we did get two hours of almost sunshine on the beach at New Brighton. But the rest of our visit was not particularly auspicious. But the deep joy was hanging out with Sanjay, his assistant Morgan, and Sanjay’s mum. When we first visited for the recce, Sanjay and his mum wouldn’t let us leave without feeding us. So we should have guessed. But hanging out with them and their extended family and friends was a total revelation still. Sanjay and his Mum and their Spice Kitchen team are so loved by the people around them that this welcome extended to us as a crew following them. Thank you to you all! We have stayed in touch and Liverpool will be forever Spice Kitchen for us Southerners. We hope to be back soon.


Client: Indeed Recruitment

Copywriter: Eoin O’Brien

Art Director: Paddy Geraghy

Producer: Laurie Easterby

Director: James Lovick

Producer: Pete Shuttleworth

PM: Will Burgass

DOP: Gerry Vasbenter

Art Director: Tors Beedles