Director Sim Warren's latest film for sustainable travel-bag brand Millican takes us to Bristol where we meet James Lucas, the man behind The Bristol Bike Project.

The project aims to repair and relocate used bikes within the community. Mobilising marginalised and underprivileged local people has had a transformational impact on their lives, providing them with independence and the opportunity to be part of a thriving community through its workshops and core value of inclusivity for all.

Sim's beautiful film highlighting this worthwhile initiative features as part of Millican's 'Meaningful Journeys'  series which explores "creative mavericks and independent spirits who travel their own path through life."


Director | Editor - Sim Warren |

Creative Director | Producer - Jeffrey Bowman

Producer | Coordinator – Laura Richards

Executive Producer - Jorrit Jorritsma

Concept Development - Sim Warren & Jeffrey Bowman

Sound Design - James Locke-hart