"As the largest independent film festival in the UK, Raindance is all about discovery. We love to discover new worlds, powerful stories, diverse meanings of life and new tools to channel them. Our choice of films underlines our search for the untold and our passion for unusual perspectives. At Raindance we like to dare, and we welcome those who dare.

It is for this that we loved Landsharks. A young teenager struggling to survive a violent suburban world is strong content but the originality of the film comes from the powerful statement against a criminal system of money lending to the poorest. The strong bond the director seems to have with both the community featured in the short and the subject of the film, is shown through a passionate and careful use of the camera. The stylish photography and the truthful direction are the right tools to make a personal and subjective experience a more universal condemnation of a hateful phenomenon that catches the soul and brain of those who watch."

Eleonora Passelli Raindance Film Festival