Ogilvy gave us a shout. They had a lovely idea. To fill an aquarium with plastic to show how dangerous this is to life in the Oceans. The hitch is that usually Aquariums are generally full of marine life, the very life this plastic is killing. So the aquariums we spoke to were not very keen to put polluting, chemically dangerous, and physically hazardous plastic into their water. Unlike the rest of us!? But the amazing team at Dingle Aquarium in West Ireland had just emptied their Aquarium and were up for the challenge. Trying not to disturb the sharks, we filmed the local schools on a day out. The director was the lovely Chris Hugall and the films were shot by our regular collaborator Dave Pimm. Our awesome Irish crew even consisted of 3 Gaffers, one of whom had worked on Father Ted... We were mightily impressed. The final film was made for almost nothing, and hopefully helped a campaign that definitely needs all of our support.