Nescafe Azera wanted to fit a lot of coffee into some super short Social Edits. Director James Lovick already has a ton of experience shooting Baileys with Mother. He brought a lot of ideas into these spots for how to get the coffee moving in the super-short times we needed. 

The creative team wanted as much movement as possible from both the macro imagery as well as the signature Azera graphics. So we used rotating cameras, super-close lenses, and 8k Red footage to provide as much versatility in the final framing for all the formats shot.

We also brought in a lovely collaborator from The Wembley Cup, Matteo Inchingolo, to mastermind the graphics in double-quick time.

This was a lovely opportunity to work with the Prodigious team and with Claire Welberry in particular. The creative team was lead by Henry Finnegan, the Creative Director with direct oversight was Poppy Donaldson.