Director Dan Castella creates some oh-so-familiar examples of terrible customer service in this film 'Make Sense on Mobile' for Google. 

It was great to work with Phantom on this project which we filmed in just two days in sunny North London with a lovely ensemble cast. Setting up a screen room in a cupboard meant that we all got to work very (very) closely together, but if there's one thing that could bring us even closer to one another it's the excruciating scenarios in this film. Thankfully, Google are on the case!

Director: Dan Castella
Production Manager: Archie Johnstone Stewart
Production Assistant: Will Burgass
Sound: Richard Jones
Lighting: David Nye
Editor: Chris Coupland
Agency: Phantom
Creative Director Jamie Nicoll
Creative Lead: Lisa Berenson
Strategy Lead: Dom O'Hare
Agency Producer: Alejandra Ravassa
Creatives: Hannah Davies & Josh Denton