Working with Mr President is always a joy. They are a fantastic indie agency, and we love what they do. Chris Faith came on board to direct this one again, with Hoi Polloi at the production wheel. It takes a brave team to jump into these crazy waters: Shooting in the middle of 80,000 wild teenagers at Wembley Stadium on a baking hot day, with International Artists who are busy busy busy. So plans are fine but don’t count on them! Everything changes all the time. After handling all this last year we took it all in our stride. And with the added fun of our own LED mega wall to play with we even managed to have some fun… X Factor eat your heart out! We worked with all the stars and got them involved with the mad stunts, from Sean Paul to Rita Ora, Shawn Mendes and so many more. The spot is due to air in September, after careful brewing over the summer.