We are so proud to see BeCo shortlisted for the British Arrows. This is the second year in a row that our charity work has been nominated. BeCo 'Steal Our Staff' was the brilliant work of Dan Kenny, Duncan Brooks, and Tom Gong at TBWA. The campaign is nominated in Household Goods and The Power of Film, so fingers crossed! The guys are also nominated for Casting in the Craft section after getting the wonderful staff at BeCo to get behind their campaign. It was a lovely project to be a part of. The biggest shout out has to go to Camilla Marcus-Dew and her team at BeCo for the really incredible work they are doing. That old cliche of having a great client is once again totally true it seems.

1 in 5 people living in the UK are disabled and an estimated 48% are unemployed – that’s over one million job-seekers looking for opportunities and a disability unemployment gap of 30% (only 52% of disabled are unemployed vs 82% of the general working population). BECO. are a mission to change that.