Jamie Gyngell’s video for Beach Baby’s latest release Human Remains was shot entirely on Super 8. It’s a light hearted homage to the schlocky body horror of the 70s / 80s that Jamie loves so much.

In the film, a man starts to fall apart - literally. He can’t even order breakfast without disgracing himself by vomiting some very nasty looking black goop down his front. He tries to find a way back to normal life but is haunted by a band of silk-shirted ghouls. After losing his teeth in the sink and finding another ghoul in the bathtub, it’s pretty clear our hero can’t escape.

Cornered, he gouges his own eyes out, and comes to in the purgatorial “limbo lounge” where he lets go of his anxieties and cuts loose - now a fully fledged silk shirt wearing ghoul himself. The band’s new album is titled ’Songs From The Limbo Lounge’, so it all makes some sort of sense...


Cast: David Shields

Dir. Jamie Gyngell

Prod. Archie Johnson Stewart

DOP: Tommi Terminet

Make Up: Emma Trachtenberg

Choreographer: Katya Bourvis

Edit: Charlie Von Rotberg @ Homespun

Colour: Jack McGinty @ Cheat

Sound design: Neil Johnson @750MPH