WE Direct loved working recently with the team at The Leith Agency in Edinburgh. The project was for the ASA and the concept was to take well known advertising slogans and repurpose them so they fitted with the Advertising Standards Authority message. This meant working with multiple brands and agencies for sign off. But the lovely team at Leith navigated this so WE were able to concentrate on the creative and production. There are 4 films, a Marmite 20 and cutdown and a Churchill 20 and cutdown. Like many projects during Lockdown, the key was to maximise creative and budget while minimising risk. So, the WE team put together a mini shoot for the Marmite film and repurpose existing footage for Churchill. WE Directed, produced, animated and even made the tea for the Marmite shoot in south London while regularly catching up through Zoom with the agency and client. They created rigs for crumpets, but none were hurt during the process. We aren’t sure that’s entirely true mind you. WE did all the editing, clean-up and post production and voila. A tale of two crumpets. The Churchill film required more CG and 8bit animation along with editing which WE also did themselves. Hopefully proving that WE can be jacks of all trades and masters of…. well some I hope….