WE Direct put their direct-to-client hats on for this project which they clearly enjoyed dusting off. This was Arctic Coffee’s first foray into TV advertising and apparently they were a joy to work with. The lockdown challenge was to create a creative and engaging piece of work while again, as ever, minimising risk. WE Direct came up with the creative and utilised stock footage which mirrored their self-written script, to create a cohesive piece. The voice over from Stephen Alan-Yorke brought it all together. WE Direct created the CG packs at the end and composited them into another stock shot while giving them a stop-frame vibe along with some sound design [which they also did….] So.. Creative, tick, Direct, tick, Produce, tick, Edit, tick, Post production, tick, Sound design, tick, Arborist, tick (only kidding, they’re awful with plants).