Hoi Polloi’s executive director Peter Shuttleworth comments on the recent Campaign magazine article. He says, "I think this is such an important article and should be a rallying cry for everyone in advertising. The scale of the current situation should be obvious to everyone. We need to petition the government so they stipulate that any business that receives public money during this time must use a portion of that money to interact with suppliers including marketing agencies, production houses, and freelancers. The government is already in discussions with businesses about providing huge bailouts. That money must transfer into the broader business and working community within the UK. In the same way it is not acceptable for marketing companies to use their own in-house production to sweat additional profit from government projects or publically backed client projects. Third party suppliers must be used, and not sister brands. Proper division through the market place may be hard to achieve but it is essential to avoid internationally owned companies from lining their executive pay and shareholders at the expense of UK freelancers and SMEs."

The original article is found here: https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/ad-industry-needs-fighting-advertising/1681341