Adam is a comedy, observation, and animation director that just loves making stuff. He’s been a frequent contributor for BBC Creative, where his promo work has won 5 Promax Golds.

Adam works in a number of ways, from live-action to animation and sometimes with a combination of the two. Giving full vent to this range of 'making methods' he has also created a number of short films, receiving 4 Vimeo Staff Picks, plus a ‘Vimeo Best of the Year’ award for his obsessive gaming story “The Game That Time Forgot”. 

Adam's shorts have been officially selected for festivals around the world, and he has another one in the pipeline right now. A recurring theme in Adam's work is some form of detective story or mystery and the next is one to savour. Created with the help of his home render farm and Factory Studios on the sound design. 

Just before lockdown, Adam returned from Torino Film Labs, where his Horror TV Series was selected for development and funding. Adam has directed work for MTV, Comedy Central, Maverick Media and Adam Buxton.